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YouTube vs Facebook Video: Two Heavyweights Battle it Out
May 2015 26

Getting Started with Video Marketing

The prospect of creating the next viral video is tantalizing. But before you start spending those precious digital marketing dollars, don’t forget to start with the basics:

  • Do you know your audience?
  • Do you understand their online media habits?
  • Do you have compelling content that will resonate with them?


On the Internet, where content is king, the greatest video strategy can’t overcome a weak message. Once you have a great story to tell, it’s time to return to the original question: Should I invest my time and money in YouTube or Facebook for my online video strategy?

For digital marketers, we think there is room for both platforms – as long as you understand the people you want to reach.

Video Content Discovery: When your audience is searching for specific content….

When your audience is searching for content, YouTube wins the day. Users go to YouTube with a singular intent. They want to search for specific videos and create a personalized viewing experience. In fact, YouTube is considered to be the world’s second most popular engine behind Google.

Facebook, on the other hand, tells the user what they should watch. Videos show up in the news feed based on the user’s network, ads, and Facebook’s algorithm. There is still no easy way for someone to find a specific video on Facebook (yet!).

Video Content Distribution: When your audience wants ease of use….

YouTube sticks to what it does best. It was originally created as a platform to upload and share video, and it’s had a long time to build a system of easy-to-use (and distribute!) videos that are widely available on most devices.

However, Facebook’s new embeddable video could be an advantage for digital marketers since it’s yet another way for videos to be discovered outside of Facebook, then brought back into the social graph with commenting, liking or sharing.

Video Content Trends: When your audience wants to stay on top of what’s trending…

YouTube has spent years curating a gigantic library of video. Everyone from budding musicians to major media conglomerates contribute original content. The site still has over 1 billion users, and its users watch hundreds of millions of hours of video each day.

But Facebook could be the dark horse in this race. It has been aggressively pursuing partnerships with major networks and is even trying to lure some of YouTube’s most popular content creators away from their original home. With more premium content comes greater viewership – an important factor for online marketers.

We’ll continue to keep you updated on the latest developments in video marketing, and if you’d like to get started contact us!