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YouTube TrueView Video Ads
Mar 2014 21

At Spin Creative, we’re always looking to stay on the cutting edge of video advertising. One recent possibility that we have been exploring is TrueView advertising through YouTube. This type of video ad is a format that allows you to pay when viewers choose to watch your ad rather than when there is an impression.

It’s a win/win situation for both advertisers and viewers. The viewers are presented with ads that are more relevant and interesting to them, while the advertisers reach their prime target audience and only pay when people actually watch their message.

There has already been a great deal of study done about this new way to advertise on YouTube. Here is some information directly from Google:

  • TrueView in-stream viewers choose to watch the ad rather than skip it on an average of 15-45% of the time.


  • Some advertisers see click-through rates of 4% in this format, which is 3-4x higher than other ad formats.


  • YouTube estimates that more than half of online campaigns will have cost-per-view video ads by 2015.


Clearly, TrueView advertising is the way of the future. There are a couple more benefits to consider, as well. For one, brand recall, likeability and message recall will all be greater because you are reaching out to viewers who have been pre-determined to have an interest in your brand.  You can also target your ads by geographic location, language, demographic, interests and more.

Spin Creative can work with you to develop your video and your strategy for this format. The video advertisements we create then get managed and scheduled through Google Adwords. They appear on YouTube as well as third-party sites within the Google and YouTube display network. It’s also important to note that the ads won’t necessarily only appear at the beginning of a video; if there are scheduled breaks in the video that the viewer is watching, they could be slid into those intervals.

For more information about this revolutionary new way of advertising, contact us at Spin Creative. We are excited about this new opportunity to help our clients find even greater success in online video marketing!

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