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Why Digital Video Marketing Will Grow in Importance in 2014
Jan 2014 19

2013 was a remarkable year for digital video. The rise in popularity of social video networks like Vine and Instagram made digital video more accessible to the masses, especially to those with mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. More people than ever before have the ability to create and share videos online.

That being said, 2014’s biggest trend in digital video will most likely be digital marketing agencies catching up to these new technologies. Here are a few areas in which you can expect to see new innovations in digital marketing over the course of the next year:

  • Social video. We began this post talking about the rise of Vine and Instagram video. Of course, the way these videos are shared ties into other networks as well. For example, did you know that five tweets per second contain a link to a Vine video? That’s a staggering amount. In 2014, it’s going to be important for companies to figure out how to use that huge audience to their advantage. The changes in Facebook video ads and video sharing also will play a major role in how we can expect to see digital video advertising on social media evolve in 2014.


  • YouTube and Vimeo. YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the internet and more than a billion users, and Vimeo is increasing in popularity as well. The brands that find the most success in their digital video marketing put a significant amount of quality content on their profiles on these sites. It gives them a chance to reach out to audiences that they might not otherwise reach with their websites or other social media pages.


  • Search engine optimization. Over the last couple years, the trend in Google’s algorithms has been increasingly evolving in favor of video content. Static websites do not get as good of rankings as websites that constantly update their content do, and video marketing is a big part of this, as it is a particularly rich form of content.


  • Mobile. Between the rise of mobile devices (especially tablets) and the increasing amount of social video apps, many video marketers will spend 2014 finding new, innovative ways to cater to mobile users.


This is shaping up to be a really exciting year in digital video marketing, and we at Spin Creative encourage you to do everything you can to stay ahead of the technological curve. Creating digital videos and pushing them across all of your platforms is an important and effective method of marketing, especially as technology continues to evolve.

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