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Who We Work With for Brand Storytelling
Mar 2014 02

At Spin Creative, we are fortunate to have clients of all types across a wide variety of industries. We have had a lot of fun and educational experiences taking on projects with clients big and small and helping telling brand stories in a creative and activating way.

We have three main types of clients that we work with, each of whom benefit from our services in different ways. These types of clients are brands, agencies and marketers. Let’s take a quick look at the value that we provide to each.


When we work directly with brands, we are able to craft stories that reflect their brand. Our one-on-one services give brands a much greater amount of control over the creative direction on a project than they would find with other creative agencies, because we have such a strong belief in building close partnerships with our clients.


When other ad agencies come to us to have us develop video with their clients, the biggest benefit that we can provide them is our process. There are some agencies that simply don’t have the time to give all of their clients the detailed, thorough service that we provide, which makes us an excellent resource for them. We do a great deal of research and creative development before we move forward into the production phase, which ensures that your client will get the most effective brand storytelling for their investment.


One of the biggest concerns of any marketer is creating engagement with ad campaigns, and that just so happens to be one of our strengths. Every single project that we take on is specifically geared toward engaging viewers and expanding audiences. We don’t just want to build brands; we want to completely change the way that audiences see them and get them invested in those brands.

About Spin Creative
Spin Creative is a creative agency specializing in brand storytelling to engage, inspire and activate for advertising, digital and social. We design each project to engage viewers, increase audience reach and ultimately help power the success of your campaign, idea or business.

If you need high impact TV and digital video storytelling campaigns to propel your brand, shoot us an email at contact@spincreativegroup.com or call us at 206.686.6278 (Seattle) or 415.767.3645 (San Francisco). Our offices are in Seattle and San Francisco but we travel all over the world for our clients