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Where is Marketing Headed in Today’s Digital World?
Jun 2017 27

Consumers today have higher expectations than ever of the companies they patronize. Any company that wishes to have lasting marketing success going into the future must be prepared to meet these expectations by delivering a high-quality, positive customer experience. This includes providing relevant and useful information and content, making it easier for people to get the assistance they need and continuing to tell strong, clear brand stories.

Here are some ways you can expect marketing to continue to evolve as we head into the future.

 Changing experiences with customer assistance

With more people using mobile devices as their primary means of browsing the internet, people expect much more instantaneous customer assistance. Technology has already been rapidly changing to make these experiences easier to find. For example, in the Google app, about 20 percent of all searches are now made by voice, and that number is quickly increasing as more people get accustomed to the technology.

As these types of technologies and the “micro moments” they provide consumers continue to evolve, consumers will also begin to expect more personal and useful interactions as they go through their journey of buying project from their devices.

Less separation between online and offline

Today’s customer journey is no longer the simple, linear path it once was. However, it’s still possible to measure and analyze the full customer journey across a wide variety of channels, both digital and physical.

For example, measuring store visits will help you understand how effective your marketing is. Thanks to advancements in machine learning and mapping technology, marketers can more accurately measure store visits and use the information gained from that analysis to deliver better local ad experiences to customers.

Smoother mobile experiences

For years, brands have been told the importance of providing a smooth digital experience for customers who visit their websites. Now, the same is true for mobile visitors as well. Speed and efficiency are absolutely imperative. Your mobile site could look fantastic, but if it loads slowly or has broken features, users will leave and not come back.

One Google study indicates that for every second delay of a mobile page load, conversions fall by up to 20 percent. Therefore, marketers must focus on providing as smooth and efficient of a mobile experience as possible if they hope to compete in their industries moving forward.

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