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What Makes People Want to Share an Image?
Mar 2015 03

It’s been proven over and over again that the use of images in blogs and social media leads to increased engagement among your followers. But that doesn’t mean you can just plug in any image and expect that people will suddenly pay more attention to your content. The images that people are most likely to “like” or “share” will have certain qualities.

Some of these qualities include:

  • It’s unique. Images tend to spread like wildfire online, especially ones that are particularly interesting. So when people see an image they’ve seen before, or one that doesn’t particularly stand out from the crowd, their eyes will probably just gloss over it. So new photos or infographics or other images that are particularly timely are more likely to be shared than ones that have already made their rounds on the internet.


  • It’s timely. We touched on this a bit in the first point, but it bears worth repeating: if you have images that connect to recent events, pop culture phenomena, breaking news or more, and these images fit within your brand, then they are going to be more likely to be shared than content that is old or past its prime.


  • Your audience would actually enjoy it. Any images that you share on your blog, website or social media should be relevant to the interests of your audience. Otherwise, you’re essentially spamming people with content they don’t care about, which could lead to them tuning you out altogether.


  • It’s easily digestible. Infographics or graphs, for example, should be able to have their information absorbed quickly and easily. People don’t spend a whole lot of time focusing on one image or article online these days, especially when scrolling through their social media newsfeeds, which means you need to be able to capture their attention and pass along information very efficiently.


  • It makes them feel something. Content that people share is content that made them feel amused, surprised, informed or any other type of emotion with real strength behind it. What’s the point of sharing content that just leads to apathy?


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