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Video Production vs. Video Ad Agencies: Determining Your Needs   
Jun 2017 08

More companies than ever are investing in video as a major part of their marketing endeavors. But as you search for the right agency to help you begin your video campaigns, you will likely be faced with a choice: do you go with a video production company, or an ad agency that specializes in video production?

You will likely get a high-quality video from either type of company. However, general video production companies have limited benefits when it comes to marketing. While a video production company will have all of the equipment and skills needed to create attractive, high-quality video, it will not have the following aspects that make an ad agency specializing in video the right choice for marketers:


  • Ad strategy: An ad agency that focuses on video will not only shoot a high-quality video for you, but also help you develop a detailed strategy for how you will use that video to attract more customers.


  • Brand insight and development: Ad agencies are in the business of building and strengthening brands, which means all aspects of your video will be created with your brand image in mind. You will not get anywhere near the expertise regarding branding strategy from a video production company as you will from an ad agency.


  • Cross-channel use: A video production company will not be nearly as focused as an ad agency on how you can take your video and use it across a variety of channels and media. Ad agencies analyze your target audience, determine the channels on which they are most likely to be found and figure out ways to connect with them on those channels.


  • A multi-discipline team: While a video production company will provide you with access to production specialists some creative specialists, a video ad agency will add in technologists, strategic planners, branding specialists and analysts.


  • Use of data: Ad agencies have a constant focus on data and analytics, and agencies specializing in video production are no different. Data such as time watched, amount of views, bounce time, click sources and more are all important for running an effective video marketing campaign, and only an ad agency will fully understand how to analyze and use this data to help you measure your success and optimize your campaign to achieve its fullest potential.


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