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Using Music Effectively In Your Video Marketing   
Mar 2015 19

While the images you see on the screen in any advertisement are extremely important, the kind of music used can really make or break the ad. One of the things that people most often remember from advertisements is the music you used. This can be extremely powerful — when you choose the right music, people could even start connecting that song to your company whenever they hear it.

So what affects the kind of music that you decide to use for a video marketing campaign? Here are a few factors:

  • Age range. Who are you marketing your product toward? If you’re marketing toward baby boomers, a bit of classic rock, disco or 60s/70s pop could be your best bet. If you’re gearing your music toward millennials, however, you’ll want to use more current bands and artists.


  • Interests. What is your target demographic interested in? Take cars, for example: commercials for trucks tend to have rock or country music, while luxury vehicles tend to have more understated, slick tunes.


  • Emotions. What type of emotion are you trying to convey in your advertising campaign? If you’re trying to appeal to the heart, something softer with moving melodies and heart-tugging lyrics is going to make more sense than your favorite metal anthem. If you’re trying to appeal to people who know how to party, some dance or hip hop will make more sense than smooth jazz. Music, or lack thereof, makes a huge difference in how an advertisement “feels.”


  • Brand image. What sort of image have you already established for your brand? Any type of music that you choose should fit within your overall marketing plan and the way that your customers and the general public view your company. Based on your customers, the kind of product that you sell and the goals that you have for your branding, you can probably determine the kinds of music that would best work in your company’s advertisements.


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