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Using Cultural Trends for Video Marketing
Mar 2014 26

One of the best ways to give your videos a better chance of going viral is to align them with a popular trend or cultural movement. There has been a lot of research that shows that companies do much better in Google searches when they produce and post culturally relevant blog and video content. It only makes sense that you take advantage of these trends in search engines.

What are some examples of these types of cultural movements or trends? Consider the following:

  • National or international obsessions. Perhaps the best example of a shared cultural obsession is a major event that interests a huge number of people. This summer’s World Cup is certain to drive huge amounts of search engine traffic. Last year’s birth of baby George, the son of British royals William and Kate, influenced huge bursts of search engine queries, as did their Royal Wedding in 2011. Companies that are loosely related to these types of events can benefit greatly from jumping aboard the obsession. For example, bridal boutiques could expect to see much greater search engine results around the time of the Royal Wedding if they used the trend to their advantage.


  • Slowly rising topics of interest. Google’s search data allows marketers to discover potential marketing opportunities as search queries begin to steadily rise. An example used in a recent Google study is “gluten free,” a term that within the last couple years has seen huge booms in searches. Food companies, restaurants and other healthy eating advocates could see this trend and use it to  their advantage in their marketing.


  • Big fads. Every year there are at least several major cultural fads that see a huge boom and then disappear almost entirely. It’s extremely important that if you are going to take advantage of one of these big spikes of cultural interest, you do it in a timely manner. Think of how ridiculous and out of touch your company would look if you tried making a “Harlem Shake” video right now!


  • Newsworthy topics. Here’s a good general philosophy to follow when it comes to current events: if it’s newsworthy, chances are that people are searching for it. Search terms such as “government shutdown,” “Miley Cyrus VMAs,” “Occupy Wall Street,” “Sochi Winter Olympics” and more all saw huge rises in searches over the past several years while they were relevant terms.


It takes a fair amount of marketing savvy to be able to ride the wave of these cultural movements while they’re still strong, but doing so can provide some outstanding results for your business’s video marketing campaign. Contact us today at Spin Creative for more information about developing culturally relevant videos.

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