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Understanding Addressable TV Advertising Opportunities
Oct 2017 05

With more and more people forgoing standard television in favor of streaming services such as Netflix or Hulu, it’s understandable for advertisers to second guess whether television advertising is a worthwhile option these days. Plus, people are no longer just watching television on their TVs—they are watching their programs on computers, tablets and smart phones as well.

This obviously creates some challenges for advertisers. After all, people are now watching their content when and where they want, and are not gathering around the TV as they used to do at a set time on a set day. As these audiences continue to fragment, how can advertisers ensure they are connecting with the right viewers and delivering the correct message?

The answer is addressable TV advertising. This is the ability to show different households different sets of advertisements, even if those households are watching the same program. By using this advertising method, advertisers can move away from using large-scale traditional ad buys, which might no longer be effective as the way people watch television continues to change. Instead, they can focus on delivering advertisements to households on a smaller scale to maximize the relevance of the ad to the viewer and, therefore, the impact of that ad.

More relevant, more interesting

The biggest benefit of addressable advertising is that it allows advertisers to connect with specific audiences while still being able to have more creative flexibility and collect deep insights and ROI data. In this way, it becomes easier for advertisers to analyze and understand exactly how their ad is performing.

Currently, addressable advertising is not an option that is being deployed on a wide scale, as it is still a new technology and many of the major players are still familiarizing themselves with it. Still, it is expected that many big-time advertisers will make a move toward addressable advertising as it becomes more reliable and easier to scale.

Google recently launched its DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion for television broadcasters and distributors, which is a big step toward making addressable advertising more realistic for a wider variety of advertisers. But with traditional television advertising continuing to become less reliable, this is just the beginning for the addressable advertising field.

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