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Twitter Testing Promoted Video Option for Advertisers
Aug 2014 13

Twitter recently announced that it will be testing the beta mode of its promoted video feature, a brand new option for advertisers that allows them to easily upload videos and track engagement from users. This joins the promoted tweet option already available to advertisers on the social network.

The amount of companies using video marketing as a major part of their advertising strategy is rapidly growing, with US digital video ad spending steadily increasing over the last few years and predicted to keep increasing for the near future. Advertisers have been willing to fork out more money each year for video advertising space, and it’s clear that Twitter has realized this to ad the feature to its existing marketing options.

Twitter announced the promoted video feature as an extension of 2013’s Twitter Amplify program, a program designed to allow marketers to promote television clips on Twitter to get followers interested in tuning in to their programs. The other options under the program are promoted accounts, who have their tweets show up in the timeline of a huge variety of Twitter users, or promoted tweets, individual tweets that are promoted to wider audiences.

One of the features that will be integrated with Twitter’s promoted videos is one-tap playback, which allows you to simply tap a video on your timeline from a mobile device and have it played back instantly. This is away to make the promoted video advertisements through Twitter even more valuable to advertisers who are trying to improve their mobile marketing strategies.

As stated earlier, the promoted video feature is still only in the beta testing phase, but it’d be hard to imagine that it won’t become a permanent part of Twitter’s advertising package, especially when you consider the high demand for video advertising space and the importance of Twitter as a marketing channel. We’ll continue to monitor progress on this new feature, and keep you up to date on it as well. This could be a great tool for our clients to use down the road!

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