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Twitter Advertisements Coming to Users’ Profiles
Mar 2015 31

There have been plenty of advertising options on Twitter for quite a while, but now the social network is rolling out a new advertising plan that will make the advertisements pretty obvious right in the middle of users’ profiles.

The company has already started to roll out promoted tweets on profile pages in some test groups. Those people who happen to be included in one of the test groups will see the advertisements a few tweets down on their profile in a section marked as “Suggested by Twitter.” It will show an advertisement or two before returning to the rest of your tweets.

These advertisements would only be displayed for Twitter users that are logged in under the current plan, but that could possibly change eventually if Twitter is able to strike a deal with Google. This would mean that anyone, logged-in user or not, would see suggested ads on their own profile or other people’s profiles.

A potential deal with Google means that people could eventually start to see tweets in their Google search results. This would lead more people to the social network, where they’d be more likely to see the promoted tweets and, of course, more likely to click on them to give advertisers more exposure.

This is just the latest in a series of experiments by Twitter as it attempts to reach new heights in annual revenue. The company has goals of diversifying its advertising products, monetizing syndicated content and striking deals with other major online companies like Google, Flipboard, Yahoo and more. The company has also recently started promoting accounts, meaning people could see tweets from these promoted brands whether they actually follow them or not.

What do you think about this new potential advertising method from Twitter? Is it a fair play, or is it too intrusive to the average user?

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