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Treehouse “Doors of Opportunity” TV Spot Wins Communicator Award
May 2014 28

Last year, we were pleased to have the chance to work with a Seattle nonprofit group called Treehouse, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of children who grow up in foster care. We created a spot from them called “Doors of Opportunity,” a brand spot that tells the story of who Treehouse is and the legacy that it is building in its community. The goal was to create an emotional, powerful story that drew in viewers and forged a connection between the organization and those who saw the video.

We were pleased with the results. Apparently, so were the people at The Communicator Awards.

We at Spin Creative are excited to announce that this “Doors of Opportunity” spot has been selected by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts to receive a 2014 Communicator Award. This is the 20th year of the Communicator Awards, and the organization has a long history of honoring excellence in visual and interactive media.

Today, the Communicator Awards is the leading international awards program that aims to “recognize big ideas” in the fields of communications and marketing. Every year the program receives thousands of entries from businesses of all sizes and industries. It has now become one of the largest awards programs of its kind in the entire world. For its 20th year, the organization is also adding mobile and “new cause” marketing categories.

The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, an group of elite media, communications and advertising professionals, is responsible for organizing and judging these awards. Therefore, any businesses or organizations that receive a Communicator Award are getting recognized by some of the top people in the world of marketing.

It is an honor for us to have this affirmation from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, and we are pleased that a great organization like Treehouse is able to get even more recognition because of this award.

View the TV commercials and brand film below.

Treehouse “Doors of Opportunity” TV Commercial (60 Seconds)

Treehouse “Doors of Opportunity” TV Commercial (30 Seconds)

Treehouse “Doors of Opportunity” Brand Film

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