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Tools to Help Create a Digital Marketing Strategy for a Campaign
Mar 2015 12

If you haven’t ever put a whole lot of emphasis on marketing online, it can be difficult to know where to start for your company’s first digital marketing strategy. Fortunately, there are a number of tools available in a variety of different categories that will help you to ensure that you get your digital marketing strategy up and running effectively.

Here is a list of those categories, and some of the helpful tools you should look into within each of them:

  • Consumer research. As with any form of marketing, you need to know your customer before you can market to them. Consumer research online is best performed by analyzing trends of your specific target audience. Google search trends could show you what topics your targets are interested in over time. Think With Google provides some outstanding information about consumer trends and Google insights. Google’s Keyword Planner helps you determine which keywords will rank highly for your brand. All of these tools pinpoint what your consumers are interested in and how you can capitalize on those interests.


  • By monitoring social media chatter, you can figure out what your target audience is talking about. Topsy is a free social media monitoring tool that gives an overview of what’s happening cross a variety of networks. Talkwalker is a similar service that goes into even more detail. For video marketing, Wiztracker is outstanding for YouTube analytics. Finally, Facebook has outstanding built-in analytics that you should use.


  • There are plenty of apps that can help you track analytics on your website to improve your digital marketing, even beyond Google Webmaster Tools. Quicksprout is great for analyzing your SEO strength and user experience. Similar Web also does app analysis and helps determine traffic sources.


  • Paid media. People often debate about the merits of pay per click advertising, but there’s no doubt that when used well, it can definitely attract attention to your website. Moat offers a huge free library of banner adds. Display Benchmark Tool helps you determine what to expect in terms of click-through rates from banner ads.


This is just a small sampling of the tools that are available online to help you get started with your digital marketing and to track your analytics. For more assistance and information, work with us at Spin Creative

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