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Today’s Top Video Marketing Trends
Nov 2017 10

Video production and marketing continue to evolve every year, and 2017 has certainly been no exception. With more companies than ever investing in video as a major part of their marketing endeavors, video producers are in turn investing more into new technologies and processes to be able to provide their clients with the best possible work.

Here are some of the top video marketing and production trends you’ll see in the industry today:

  • Higher resolution: 4k video is no longer just a luxury—it is essentially an expected part of any video production company’s services. New cameras that are coming out promise even higher resolution, with 5k, 8k and 18k becoming real possibilities moving forward. However, marketers should beware of the allure of this higher resolution—while these massive pixel amounts are fantastic for the big screen, they really do not provide much value for video marketing purposes, where most videos will be seen on smaller screens.


  • Death of 360: 360-degree video was an exciting new trend in 2015 and 2016, but throughout 2017 it has lost a lot of its luster. People have since realized that while it was a cool gadget, it wasn’t a particularly potent storytelling medium.


  • Drone video: The new technology that appears to be replacing 360-degree video is drone video. The official FAA drone regulations came out in 2016, and now it is a realistic prospect for companies to get certified for drone videos. Again, while drones do not necessarily add a lot from a storytelling side of things, the aerial shots they are able to get can be visually stunning. You can now get those kind of shots without having to spring for helicopter expenses.


  • Increased complexity and importance of social video: Facebook alone now accounts for more than eight billion daily video views, and the platform is one of several social media networks that have greatly enhanced their video marketing platforms. What’s interesting about Facebook is 85 percent of videos are watched without sound, which has led to marketers developing videos that tell stories silently, many with onscreen text. Social video in general has become a specialty among video marketing agencies, with many of the social networks going different ways with their video platforms.


  • More paid promotion: In another new advancement in social media, more companies are now paying to promote their videos than ever. In fact, paying for boosting on Facebook is now the new normal. No longer is it enough to just post the video to your page and hope it gets organic traffic.


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