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Tips to Increase Effectiveness of Your Email Marketing
Feb 2015 11

In an era where more and more customers are quick to delete emails from companies before they’re even opened, finding success in an email marketing campaign can be challenging. However, there are still strategies that will go a long way toward increasing your click-through rates once your messages actually get read.

Here are a few ways that you can increase the effectiveness of your email marketing:

• Be appealing to the reader. This isn’t to say that you make an attempt at getting overly personal or touchy feely, but you might find ways of personalizing your messages to pique the interest of your customer. Try using information from the purchase history of the recipient, for example, when figuring out the direction to take in your sales pitch.

• Offer value. It’s so easy to get rid of emails before opening them, so make sure that you are offering something of value and that you are advertising that in the subject line. Big promotions and deals are much more likely to catch the attention of your recipient.

• Encourage sharing. This is a practice that can be especially helpful when you’re advertising promotions. Include a button to share on Facebook or Twitter in your email, so that your recipients can inform all their friends and family about the great deals you have going on. Word-of-mouth marketing has been proven time and again to be the most effective form of advertising, so if you can get your customers to share your information then that is a huge boon to your company.

• Make them easy to read quickly. People reading promotional emails typically don’t want to spend more than half a minute on them, so make sure that all of your most important information can be digested in a matter of seconds. Use bulleted lists and strategic designs and text placement to ensure that you are maximizing the effectiveness of your message. Your messages should also be optimized for mobile platforms to ensure that the reader always has a good viewing experience.

• Review your data. Constantly analyze your click-through rates based on the certain types of messages you send out so you can track which types of messages work the best for your company.

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