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Tips for Using Video for Event Marketing
Sep 2014 11

Looking for a way to get your company some extra attention at your next conference or big event? Consider working with Spin Creative to develop videos specifically for your event! Using video in your event marketing will help you to create a memorable experience for everyone that interacts with your company and will help you to stand out from the horde of other companies you’re likely to be competing with.

Here are some tips for how you can use video for event marketing:

Before the event begins

In the lead-up to the event, you want to make sure that you get people hyped up about your presence at the event. Identify the target audience you’re hoping to reach at the event, and create highly targeted videos toward that audience about topics they’ll be interested, such as networking tips for your upcoming conference or how to navigate the halls of the center. Make the videos all about people attending the event, not about your company.

You could also get yourself in front of the camera to give a quick introduction of your company or to announce some sort of prize or giveaway you’ll be holding at the event. If you market these videos well, it will build a minor sort of “celebrity effect” that will have people instantly recognize you at the event.

During the event

During the event is a great time to get event goers involved with your company. Have them sit down and give testimonials about your company, or stop people around the convention and ask them a few questions, such as their favorite booth or idea they’ve seen, what they’re hoping to accomplish, what the biggest problem is in their industry, things like that. Tell them that you’re doing these to create videos to put on your website or YouTube channel, and that they should look for them at the conclusion of the event.

After the event

Be sure to follow up with a recap video of the event, preferably hosted by the same person who did your pre-event videos. Show how your brand was all over at the conference and highlight the interactions that you had with other event goers. Show clips of the interviews you had with attendees, and be sure to share this video with the organization that put on the event for some extra publicity.

These are just a few simple tips for how you can spice up your next big event with video marketing. Speak to us at Spin Creative today for more tips and information!

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