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Tips for Creating Videos for Crowdfunding Projects
Aug 2014 26

One of the best ways you can improve your chances of success with your crowdfunding campaign is to use video to sell potential donors on your campaign’s importance. Kickstarter tells everyone who signs up for a campaign that including a video can improve your chances of success by 50%, so it only makes sense that you create a video that will better your prospects.

Of course, just having a video on your crowdfunding page isn’t enough; the video needs to be done well, and in a style appropriate for the campaign. Here are some tips about how you can create an effective video for a crowdfunding campaign:

  • Make sure you have solid video and audio quality. For the best results, you should avoid shooting important videos like these on your phone. If you’re recording interviews, testimonials or narration, you should be in a well-lit area in a space without background noise. Use clip-on microphones rather than hoping the sound comes through well on the camera. Consider working with professionals so that you have the best possible lighting and sound.


  • Plan it out. This is especially important for narration and interviews. Plan out the message you want to get across and script everything you’re going to say so that you can be sure that you hit all of the key points of your campaign.


  • Don’t focus on the rewards. While you can mention a couple of the rewards you have available for people who take part in your campaign, it’s more important that you tell the story of what your campaign aims to accomplish, why this goal is worthwhile and why/how people can help you. Focusing too much on the rewards dilutes the importance of your message and your goals.


  • Keep it simple and short. People only have so much time to watch your video, so the shorter the better. Be concise with your message; this will improve your chances of having people actually watch the full thing, which in turn improves the effectiveness of the video.


  • Don’t forget your call to action. The reason you’ve put together this campaign to begin with is getting donations from potential supporters, so be sure you tell people how they can contribute and encourage them to make a donation.


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