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Six Key Questions for Creating Engaging Commercials
Dec 2013 19

As you go about creating your next television or digital commercial, it is important to make sure that the contents of the advertisement can attract and keep the interest of your potential customers. What you specifically choose to put in your commercial and how you create it depends on your target demographic and how to best reach them.

Here are six key questions that you should ask yourself as you set out to create commercials for your brand. If you are able to provide well thought-out answers to these questions, you will be well on your way to creating a commercial that successfully engages your audience:

• What’s my target audience? You should be able to describe who your target audience is, where they are, some adjectives you’d use to describe them, what matters to them, what the best ways to communicate with them are and more.

• Why should people buy my product/service? The reasons that people should purchase your product or service could be either rational or emotional. Think of a few solid reasons or benefits, and make those the focus of your ad.

• Why wouldn’t people buy my product/service? Are there any potential concerns that your target audience would have that would prevent them from buying your product or service? These concerns could be related to price, performance, value or more. Consider these concerns and address them.

• How do we stack up to the competition? Consider where you stand as a business in your market, both in terms of quality and market power. In your advertisement, accentuate your strengths in comparison to the rest of the market. This will not only help you to look better in comparison, but it will help with your branding as you are identifying the aspects of your company that make you different from everyone else.

• Is there a true need for my product or service? If your product or service solves a problem of some sort or is something that your target audience would find a use for, consider a creative way to highlight this in your commercial.

• How do I want my customers to feel while watching my commercial? Do you want to tug on their heartstrings, make them laugh or surprise them with a little-known fact? The approach you take depends on your brand image and what your overall marketing goals are.

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