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Tips for Crafting an Epic Brand Anthem Video
Jul 2017 10

These days, many clients aren’t just requesting branded videos—they want an anthem that makes a powerful personal connection with their customers and that shows off the capabilities their brand holds.

It can be easy for these types of videos to become clichéd or inauthentic. However, there are plenty of ways you can make an epic “brand anthem” video while staying true to your brand’s personality.

Here are some tips to help you accomplish this:

  • Keep the focus on who you are: Rather than trying to sell your products, focus on selling who you are as a company. You don’t even have to mention the name of your brand, though you may choose to work in an image of your logo or product at the end. Instead, you can create videos that show off a lifestyle or philosophy that corresponds with your brand’s values and personality. A truck company, for example, would be likely to show images of people out in a rural area doing a lot of hard work.


  • Only use words when needed: A great brand anthem video does not necessarily require a long, scripted voiceover. In some cases, the most powerful videos communicate through images rather than words. If you do choose to use a voiceover, err on the side of fewer words whenever possible.


  • Create an emotional connection: Existing customers should feel a sense of pride or ownership when watching your brand anthem video, and should innately agree with the messages or story you’re sharing. It makes them more likely to share the video with others and be advocates for your brand. Such a video should never feel corporate—it should feel genuine and relatable to people who already know your brand and inspire curiosity in those who don’t.


  • Create something true: No matter how fancy or “epic” you make your video, there should always be an underlying truth to every aspect of the story you tell. You might simply have the founder of your company telling the story of how your brand started, and then how it has grown over the years. It’s a simple concept that is almost always effective because it is undeniably genuine.


  • Have fun with it: Ultimately, a good brand anthem video shows off the passion you have for your company. Don’t be afraid to have fun, step outside the box and create something that exudes enthusiasm.


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