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The YouTube Creator Playbook: An Excellent Resource for All Brands
Apr 2014 13

Google has a variety of research and resources available for brands to help them make the most of their online marketing strategies. One that we particularly recommend is the YouTube Creator Playbook for Brands. This 100-page document takes you through the ins and outs of developing videos for YouTube and making them into a success. It is divided into seven sections:

1. Content marketing as part of your brand strategy

2. Ten fundamentals to create content people love

3. Schedule your content

4. Optimize your content

5. Promote your content with paid media

6. Amplify your content with social

7. Measurement

The playbook goes in-depth with each of these categories, giving you some valuable tips on how to get the best results out of your video marketing campaign. The ultimate goal of the Playbook is to help brands find better ways of engaging with their target audiences.

Some of the best news that comes out of the Playbook: there’s a pretty good chance that your brand may not need as big of an overhaul to its strategy as you think. In fact, the report from Google indicates that completely reinventing your brand’s video marketing approach could do more harm than good, especially if you have already achieved a modest level of success. The report hammers home the importance of consistency in your marketing campaigns, and gives tips for how you can hone  your current campaign so that you’ll produce better videos and drive more engagement without having to “reinvent the wheel.”

It also has a lot of great information and tips for how to track the success of your videos using Google analytics. The metrics available to brands on YouTube allow them to see whether they are actually reaching viewers, and give them a better idea of which parts of their strategies they need to tweak to find better results.

Another important message from the Playbook is that a recurring series of video ads is likely to find more success than a standalone video. The report indicates that creating a compelling series of videos is an excellent way to strengthen your brand and draw in more viewers, who will be interested to see what you come up with next in the series. 

We highly recommend that you download this report and give it a read. There’s a lot of very useful information for brands that are serious about their video marketing. Check it out!

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