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The Next 4 Things You Should Do For Summer Marketing Success
Jun 2015 04

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the phrase “summer slow-down” isn’t even in your vernacular.

Luckily for you, many businesses are in a perfect position to take advantage of the carefree attitude of summer. Whether June, July and August mean your business is in peak season or a slow down, try these marketing tips this year.

1. Take Advantage of Outdoor Events

Festivals, community music events, art fairs and other summer events offer unique marketing opportunities for your business. Consider hot-weather giveaways like fans and water bottles to draw extra traffic during those sweltering days.

Whatever events you choose, be sure you’re where your potential customers are going to be. Seeking 20-somethings? A rowdy music festival could be a great bet. Is your target audience more the parents-with-kids crowd? Look into sponsoring a summer camp or offering giveaways at a local parade.

2. Seek New Partnerships 

If your business is slow during the summer months, remember that others face the same challenge. Many small businesses in your community may be looking to offer deals to drive businesses or attract a fluctuating tourist crowd. Think collaboration – not competition – and team up with others to offer package deals. You’ll open up a potential new customer base and expand your own network while doing so.

3. Be Personal

In the summer, hours are shorter, vacations are longer and dress codes are looser. People are usually more willing to accept invitations to long lunches or spend an afternoon on the golf course.

This year, give one of these summer networking strategies a shot:

  • Use extra vacation time to attend a professional development conference
  • Commit to reaching out to five people in your network who you’ve wanted to spend more time with, and invite them to a casual lunch or an outdoor happy hour
  • Purchase a ticket package to a local professional or semi-professional baseball team and invite guests who can help you grow your business

4. Show Employee Appreciation

A great business thrives when it keeps great talent. The summer months are a perfect time to plan employee appreciation events. Just be sure the events you plan are appropriate to your workplace and something your employees will actually enjoy! After-work cookouts, shorter summer hours or casual Fridays are all simple ways to embrace the summer season and thank your best ambassadors for their commitment to the company.

What summer marketing techniques are you trying this year?

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