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The Most Common Video Marketing Mistakes
Jun 2014 22

On our blog we have dedicated a fair amount of posts to tips that can help you to improve your video marketing practices. However, it’s important to note that there are a variety of practices that you need to do your best to avoid as well.

Here are some of the most common video marketing mistakes that hold companies back from reaching their full advertising potential:

  • Creating a video without a purpose. You shouldn’t make a new video for your company simply because you feel obligated to do so. Every video you create should have a purpose behind it, whether it’s the announcement of a new product or service, a video establishing your brand identity, a behind-the-scenes video or an interview with an employee or customer.


  • Failure to brand your video. You want people to remember your video advertisement, but you also want to make sure they remember that it was for your company. Simply making a video hilarious or outlandish isn’t enough to achieve truly excellent results with your video marketing.


  • Making videos too long. Remember: on the internet, the average person’s attention span is very short. Make sure that your videos don’t go much longer than a couple minutes. The most effective videos are likely to be 30- or 60- second spots.


  • Creating unfocused videos. Every video that you create should focus on a single message, otherwise you run the risk of confusing your viewers or having them tune out before it’s over. Focus on a specific announcement, aspect or your company or marketing message.


  • Failure to use SEO practices. YouTube and other video platforms are not only an opportunity to share your videos, but also to add some copy that will improve your search engine rankings. Be sure to link to your website in the description of the video.


  • Failure to add a call to action. If you want people to take action, you need to remember to invite them to do so. Call to action phrases like “call us today” or “visit our website” are simple yet effective means of bringing in new customers through your videos.


Are you making any of these mistakes? Get in touch with the Spin Creative team to learn more about how you can improve your video marketing practices.

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