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The Four Necessary Elements of Good Video Marketing
May 2015 21

Video marketing is an extremely powerful tool for increasing the visibility of your brand and the way your customers engage with it. But like any marketing campaign, your video marketing program must have a good foundation if it is going to have any chance of being successful.

Here are the four most important elements of a good video marketing campaign. Are any of these missing from yours?

  • A strong sense of purpose. Consider the goals you have for your business and for your marketing campaign. You might simply be trying to raise awareness about your brand. Maybe you’re looking to increase your visibility, build trust or credibility with consumers, generate new leads, call attention to a new project, get more traffic to your website or any number of other goals. Your video marketing campaign should at least have some clear purpose behind it.


  • A clear message. What is the message or story you are trying to get across with your video? How do you plan on communicating that message? The message you choose should relate to the purpose you have for developing the video in the first place.


  • The right style. You have way more options for a brand video than just a talking head/interview style advertisement. The kind of style you choose for your video not only needs to align with your purpose, but also your company’s style and personality. Different styles of videos can help you to engage your viewers in different ways, and can give you different structures of storytelling.


  • Good promotional tactics. You need to have a good plan for how you’ll share and market your video online. Figure out where you’re most likely to hit your target market, what social media networks you’ll use, how you’ll get people to go from your video to your website and more. The more places you distribute your video, the more likely it is that people will find it and take interest in it.


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