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The Current State of Advertising on Facebook
Jan 2015 31

Facebook recently reported its numbers for the final quarter and the full year of 2014. While people in advertising are constantly raving about the importance of having an ad presence on the social network, the numbers give an even bigger idea of just how big of a market it is.

Throughout the fourth quarter of 2014 alone, Facebook sold $3.6 billion in advertisements, a 53 percent increase from the same period in 2013. The social media giant took in a whopping $12.5 billion for the entire year of 2014, a 58 percent increase over its 2013 total of $7.87 billion.

The amount of people viewing advertisements on Facebook is also hitting record levels. Videos on Facebook are now racking up views at a pace of more than three billion per day, and its autoplay capabilities (while still having the sound muted) have been lauded as a big part of the reason why video marketers in particular are finding such success on the network.

Just two years ago, Facebook was doing $1 billion in ad revenue, which means that number has nearly quadrupled in 24 months. That’s an absolutely staggering statistic that shows just how effective marketers believe a good social media campaign is and how important it is for companies to get invested in advertising on Facebook.

Other big numbers reported by Facebook include the 745 million daily users of its mobile app, up 34 percent from last year, and mobile revenue accounting for 69 percent of total ad sales. Clearly, Facebook and marketers alike are making a big push for mobile as users’ browsing habits are shifting to phones and tablets.

There are plenty of opportunities to market on Facebook, ranging from video marketing to statuses and photos. You have the ability to promote any post that you want, increasing its visibility to people outside of your usual network and followers and granting you more exposure.

If you’re looking to begin taking advantage of Facebook with your marketing in new and exciting ways, work with our team at Spin Creative to get started and gain more exposure for your small business.

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