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Ten Years of YouTube: How Has it Changed Our World?
Apr 2015 30

YouTube recently celebrated its 10th birthday. Can you believe it? It’s almost impossible to remember what the world of online video looked like before YouTube came to power. The impact that the social network has had on the world is undeniable. Today, billions of people around the world regularly visit YouTube to watch videos on an endless amount of topics.

Here are just a few of the ways that YouTube has changed the world over the course of the last ten years:

  • New opportunities for discovery. Not only have there been a lot of YouTube celebrities that have come into the mainstream because of the site (think Justin Bieber, Jenna Marbles and more), but there have been plenty of opportunities for brands to get their videos discovered and become a viral hit. Think of the campaigns that brands like Old Spice have developed online, for example. Those brands never could have put together those sorts of campaigns without the existence of YouTube.


  • Changes to the entertainment industry. Today, people can spend hours at a time on YouTube watching funny videos, web series, television shows, movies and more. One could argue that YouTube’s model served as the inspiration for extremely influential platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. YouTube clips are even being used in daily news and on variety shows.


  • New opportunities for education. YouTube has become a go-to source for people to post instructional videos, lectures and other types of tutorials that help people learn how to do everything from building their own personal computer to folding fitted sheets. It has also become a place where people can go to watch TED Talks, historical moments and speeches, documentaries and more.


  • A smaller, more connected world. You constantly hear people like Mark Zuckerberg talk about how the purpose of the internet should be to connect people on a global basis. That’s exactly what YouTube has done. It’s one thing to hear reports of something happening across the world — it’s another thing to be able to see it immediately. Whether it’s a concert, a natural disaster or the birth of a child, YouTube has given people the power to share their experiences with people thousands of miles away instantly.


With one decade down for YouTube, brands are still only just discovering how valuable video marketing can be. Get your campaign started today by working with Spin Creative.

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