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Telling A Story Your Audience Will Appreciate   
Jan 2015 24

At Spin Creative, “motion storytelling” is at the heart of everything we do when working with our clients on their video marketing plans. We understand that creating a coherent, engaging story is the best way to get people sucked into your videos and interested in your brand.

Of course, it’s not as simple as just sitting down and writing out a narrative for an ad. There needs to be an understanding of what exactly your target audience wants before you can create a story that actually interests them.

With that in mind, here are some ways you can both get and hold your audience’s attention while creating your Story in Motion.

Don’t worry about selling things. Obviously, the end goal of all advertising is to drive sales. However, people are more savvy than ever before when it comes to marketing — the last thing they want is to watch a video and feel like it’s overly promotional. Instead of focusing on driving sales, focus on creativity and establishing a style and feel that is distinct to your brand. Create an experience that will resonate with your viewers, rather than one that is overly focused on the bottom line.

  • Make sure it’s well-written. Don’t be afraid to toss out ideas if you feel like they won’t connect with your audience exactly the way you want them to. You also need to be sure that you’re using the appropriate type of language for the audience that you are attempting to draw in. Avoid jargon — be “real” with the words you use.


  • Try new things. One great tactic is to get people visually invested right away, which will make them more likely to become emotionally invested as they continue to watch. Try using new tools, technologies or processes in the way you film or animate your ad to draw in the viewer.


  • Start a discussion. The most effective advertisements will create a discussion as soon as they end, just like a really good movie. People will be more likely to share it with their friends on social media and post their thoughts in a comment. Think to yourself: what is the discussion that you want to start with your video, and how can you accomplish that?


Work with us today at Spin Creative to tell the story of your brand.

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