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Feb 2013 09

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Dec 2012 04

Here’s another behind-the-scenes look at the 3-day shoot for the Sea-Tac Airport “Going Green” spot recently produced by Spin Creative (you can view the first behind-the-scenes video here). This behind-the-scenes segment features the Spin team shooting at Sea-Tac Airport and tarmac. Port of Seattle and Alaska Airlines coordinated with the Spin team to capture visually interesting shots to tell the story.

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Oct 2012 12

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the interior “mock up” airplane shoot for the Sea-Tac “Going Green” spot recently produced by Spin Creative. This behind-the-scenes segment features the Spin team shooting at the Alaska Airlines Airplane Trainer (near Sea-Tac airport). Spin used the mock-up airplane to stage an interior airplane scene featuring three hero talent and about a dozen background extras.

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Spin Completes Shoot for New Sea-Tac Airport “Going Green” Spot
Aug 2012 08

Spin Creative wrapped production on a new spot for Sea-Tac Airport about the various ways the airport is “Going Green.” Spin shot during the week of July 23, 2012 in various locations at the airport and in the Seattle-area. View production stills from the shoot here.

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