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SpinSense: 3 Ways to Gobble Up Your Competition Using Video Marketing
Nov 2016 16

Even though Thanksgiving is just around the corner, making sure your company’s video marketing strategies are continuously succeeding is no small turkey during the rest of the year either. Ensure your video marketing campaigns are the main course in your respective market (and not just an overlooked side dish!) year-round by following these tips.

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Client Hodgson/Meyers Wins Top NW Advertising Award for Fluke “Tight, Tight World” Spot, Produced By Spin Creative
Aug 2012 09

Congratulations to our client Hodgson/Meyers who recently won a NW advertising award for the Fluke spot “Tight, Tight World.” The spot was conceived, scripted and storyboarded by the Hodgson/Meyers creative team. Spin Creative – who produced and directed the spot – collaborated closely with Hodgson/Meyers to bring their vision for the spot alive on the screen.

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Jul 2012 13

Just another day on the job with martial arts action sequences, a top notch cast and crew, and clients who pushed us to have fun. We used the RED Epic on this production and loved the images it captured, particularly the over-cranked action sequences.

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Jun 2012 06

Fluke Thermal Imaging presents: Just another day on the job! This is an action comedy web spot conceived by creative powerhouse Hodgson/Meyers and produced by Spin Creative to propel Fluke’s Thermal Imaging products to instant and widespread acceptance.

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More Product Introduction Fun!
Oct 2011 28

Spin Creative wrapped principal photography on a new product introduction concept piece featuring Ninja assassins attacking a largely unflappable maintenance worker. The concept by creative powerhouse Hodgson/Meyers is a wonderfully entertaining action comedy web spot intended to propel their clients’ new product to instant and widespread acceptance. Spin is now working with the footage captured on the Red Epic camera system provided by Absolute Technology. The post-production effort will involve assembling intense fight scenes, special visual effects and a custom soundtrack.

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