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Survey Indicates 71% of Companies See Increased Conversion Rates through Video Marketing
Sep 2014 23

As more and more evidence begins to come out, it’s clear that companies that fail to include video in their company’s marketing strategy are missing out on some potentially huge results.

A recent report done by Vidyard, a video marketing and analytics research agency, says that 71 percent of marketers say their video marketing campaign was either somewhat or significantly more effective at yielding conversions than other types of marketing content were. The study surveyed nearly 250 companies of B2B, B2C and agency varieties.

Here are some of the other intriguing findings of the survey:

  • When asked how the return on investment of video marketing is changing, 48 percent said it’s getting better, 25 percent said it stayed the same and 26 percent were unsure. Only 1 percent believed it to be declining.


  • 86 percent of all survey respondents claimed that they were tracking the engagement rates of their video content. However, only 14 percent are using advanced engagement metrics.


  • 95 percent of all respondents say that video is becoming more important in terms of marketing and sales—32 percent saying somewhat more, and 63 percent saying far more.


  • 69 percent of survey respondents say they are going to increase their video marketing budget.


  • The largest percentage of responders (32 percent) say they create 11 to 50 videos per year.


The engagement rate statistics are particularly interesting. What this means is that even though most people are using video marketing and believe that the importance of video marketing is continually growing, only a small percentage are actually using the most advanced methods of tracking engagement available to them. This includes methods like finding views by embed location, checking viewer drop-off rates, viewing heat maps and more. Therefore, people agree that video marketing is drastically helping their business, and most of them aren’t even scratching the surface of what they can accomplish with a video marketing campaign!

Spin Creative is here to help you get your video marketing campaign started and to help you learn how to effectively track its success with advanced metric tools. For more information, we encourage you to contact us today and talk to us about how we can help create your Story in Motion.

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