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Strategies for Creating the Best Interview-Style Videos
Sep 2014 15

Interview style videos are an extremely popular style for companies these days, whether it’s for a customer testimonial, an “about us” video or some other kind of informational feature. However, there are a variety of pitfalls that can decrease the effectiveness of these types of videos.

Here are some strategies that should help to ensure that you achieve the best possible results with your interview-style videos:v

  • Interview the right people. Who you decide to interview for your videos is extremely important. You need to have someone in front of the camera with some credibility, but it also needs to be someone who is engaging and is a good speaker. While your interviewee will likely be prepared for the questions ahead of time, it’s still important that the person seems like a natural, genuine talker.


  • Avoid asking questions. This might sound strange, given that we’re talking about interviews, but people tend to answer questions with uncertainty or with incomplete sentences. Instead, treat the interview more like a conversation, saying, “tell me how you feel about X,” or “give me an overview of your experiences with X.” These types of prompts will lead to much better responses.


  • Choose a good setting. The right background will make a big difference on the overall impression of the video. If it’s a tech company, do the video in a computer lab. If it’s a scholarly interview, do the video in front of bookshelves or a library. Things like that make a big difference in the atmosphere of the video.


  • Use a fair amount of B-roll. B-roll is the footage you see while someone is speaking. It acts as cutaway footage to make the video more interesting, rather than staying fixated on the subject the whole time. The best way to use B-roll is to have it relate to what the interviewee is talking about at the time. B-roll also allows you to take more liberties in editing the video to remove filler words or to jump more easily between questions.


  • Remember the importance of storytelling. An interview video is still capable of telling a good story. You can prompt interviewees to tell stories about the company and use those as part of the overall narrative of your video.


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