Wave’s “Speed” TV Campaign Spots | Spin Creative

So a blogger, a sports fan, and an aristocrat walk into a bar. Except for the bar is a set. And the set is for Wave, one of the West Coast’s leading phone, Internet, and video service providers. What ensues from this recent collaboration are three thirty-second “Speed” TV spots for an upcoming advertising campaign reinforcing a key message: “Go Fast. Go Wave” (view all three spots at the end of this blog post).

Shot in two days with Spin’s Canon C500 camera package and Canon cinema lenses, each of these spots emphasizes the benefits of Wave’s high-speed, reliable, locally based Internet services among a broad range of customers on the West Coast, brought to life using three comedic characters.

27787646951_6e35eb9300_zFor example, Spot 1 highlights the range of customers who enjoy Wave services by emphasizing the benefits of Wave’s Internet in three distinct ways: Millennial Blogger claims the company’s Internet speed is “fierce”, while Retired Aristocrat claims the service to be “outstanding” and the Sports Fan shouts “Score!” upon receiving her Wave bill.


Spot 2 continues to reiterate the campaign’s overall “Go Fast. Go Wave27600693190_f76f7f5c09_z message by once again incorporating all three characters, but focuses on a common need each of them shares: receiving high-speed service without being roped into a long-term contract. This is explained literally in the form of our three characters being tied together as captives held by other non-negotiable company’s plans.



The final spot highlights each character’s need for high-speed Internet by emphasizing the widely different uses for the service. While Millennial Blogger demands top-speed Internet for updating her fashion blog, Sports Fan needs impeccable streaming services during game time, and Retired Aristocrat appreciates lag-free gaming, each finds success through Wave’s high-speed services.


Wave “Go Fast Go Wave” TV Commercial | Spot 1 (:30 sec)

Wave “Go Fast Go Wave” TV Commercial | Spot 2 (:30 sec)

Wave “Go Fast Go Wave” TV Commercial | Spot 3 (:30 sec)