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SpinSense: VR/AR and the future of advertising
Mar 2017 08

Whether it’s 360 video content for desktop, virtual reality (VR) app downloads for mobile, or VR/augmented reality (AR) headset integration for a fully immersive experience, the continued growth of interactive technologies over the past few years has not only shattered the literal perception of consumer content–it’s taken our world to a whole new dimension.

But before going down the “Matrix rabbit hole” (we all remember that epic trilogy that was set in a futuristic society run entirely by technology and intentional perspective development, right?), it’s essential to factor in today’s consumer market when considering the integration of VR/AR into advertising. And while The Matrix stunned unsuspecting audiences back in ‘99, the modern day take on interactive technology takes our understanding of the digital-based world one step further by actively immersing consumers in experiences they may not otherwise have the opportunity to undergo.

Today, impressive developments in VR/AR have made it possible to bring The Matrix to life for heavily-saturated, heavily-plugged in consumers, and advertisers are taking notice. And with a global consumer market expected to hit $108B by 2021 and current VR/AR search activity continually amplifying at competitive rates, companies eager to position themselves at the forefront of this market-defining technology are focused on the possibilities of integrating VR/AR into their advertising strategies.

Compared to the stagnant, underwhelming effects of traditional advertising, VR/AR integration allows brands to dictate presence–an important element to consider when evaluating how best to win over new potential customers. Instead of creating a campaign that tells or shows consumers the benefits of a product, service, or brand, VR/AR allows them to feel. Want to boost ticket sales for your sports team? Make your games VR compatible, and inspire audiences to celebrate the rush of that slam dunk from the comfort of their couch (for a small price, of course). Looking to encourage increased donations for your nonprofit organization? Provide a VR/AR experience that allows potential donors to empathize with your donation recipients and understand the impact of their gifts. Want to boost company video views, web traffic, and/or brand lift? Consider integrating VR video ads.

With VR/AR, the era of “Show and Tell” advertising is officially ending, and the time has arrived for advertisers to invest in the power of immersive technology for their companies’ brands.

Fortunately, thanks to the ongoing growth of the VR/AR sectors, advertisers have as great an opportunity as ever to intrigue, engage, and excite consumers like never before through the use of interactive, immersive content. Tie this in with the continued expansion of mobile use and technology (Google, Samsung, Apple, and Facebook, anyone?), and the future of advertising not only looks bright; it looks dang-near luminescent.

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