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SpinSense: The possibilities of programmatic advertising
Mar 2017 22

Not too long ago, the world of advertising looked completely different. Companies placed ads in hard copy phone books. Entrepreneurs named their businesses based on the implied effectiveness of alphabetized directories. Sales teams were as standard as executive teams and considered the “Advertising/Marketing” department.

Yes, so maybe we’re referencing the 90’s, an era nearly thirty years in the past. But despite the clunkiness of early-internet launches, black-and-white desktops, and landline phones from the days of old, the concept remains as relevant today as it was back then: that the roles of advertising have been (and will always be) a part of a fluid spectrum of possibilities.

This is no more apparent than with the continued growth of programmatic advertising today. While we may not longer use the landlines, pagers, or floppy disks from the past, ongoing advances in technology continue to propel the advertising sector into new levels of undefined opportunity. For example, thanks in large part to the recent explosion of mobile usage among consumers and brands alike, programmatic ad spend continues to bolster the majority of advertising budgets, and encourages companies to constantly consider the effectiveness of their campaigns through ever-evolving analysis and hypothesis.

By integrating programmatic and data-driven targeting into their overall strategies, companies can delve into a whole new dimension of intention and innovation. And with so much information to work from, the ability to understand and anticipate consumers’ key micro-moments has become customary. For companies looking to promote the effectiveness of their brand’s lift, recall, launch, and/or repositioning, programmatic advertising provides an added layer of context that promotes a more thorough understanding of when, where, and how to reach target audiences.

As emphasized in our previous post, SpinSense: The Power of Programmatic Advertising, the adoption of programmatic has resulted in the ability for advertisers in all sectors, countries, fields, and focuses to reach their ideal consumers at exactly the right time, propelling the effectiveness of advertising for brands to new heights. Furthermore, with the integration of this powerful resource, companies have the opportunity to separate themselves from their competitors not just through creative content, but also through intentional data targeting.

So what are the possible implications for the advertising sector as it stands today?

Propelled by potential, the space we currently operate in is as grey as it has ever been (sorry Dell desktops of the ‘90s!), and will continue to migrate and mold based on the industry leaders who dare to take risks, endure failures, and attempt new, unexplored arenas for growth. Paired with the ever-evolving, data-based technology of AI, VR, AR, and social media, companies now have the opportunity to become more reactive and interactive than ever before.

As we progress further into the realm of data-driven, programmatic-based brands, we can’t help but consider this point in time to be another technological revolution. Thirty years from now, will laptops be a laughable memory as we work from our AR headsets, speak our email messages, and design immersive ads with immediate product drone delivery? With programmatic advertising as the backbone of this technological renaissance, the possibilities are endless.

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