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SpinSense: The Importance of Understanding Micro-Moments for Your Brand
Sep 2016 14

Whether you want to admit it or not, mobile has become an integrated component to our daily lives, and with it, a necessity for us as consumers to seek out the immediate information we need at the click of a button. Cue Micro-Moments: a split-second decision in the lives of consumers that motivates them to search for specific information that will help them fulfill their pressing need for snapshot results. Where’s a good place to grab a bite to eat around here? Micro-Moment. How do I rent a kayak for this weekend? Micro-Moment. What’s the best car available for our growing family? Micro-Moment.

All of these questions, and many more like them, are representative of a larger shift in the digital marketing strategy of brands as they evaluate how best to answer these immediate consumer requests, and stand out among the search results. As marketers, we’re taught to understand “The Consumer’s Journey” and anticipate where we can step in and provide answers to their primary problems. With Micro-Moments, brands have an opportunity to shift the direction of the consumer’s journey in a more immediate manner—focusing instead on speedily funneling potential consumer’s questions towards the end game of immediate decision-making rather than multi-stepped consumer development. Rather than getting to know a brand over time, consumers want an immediate response with an instantaneous credibility voucher (anyone still trying new restaurants without discovering their Yelp reviews first? Please let us know…). All of this boils down to an integral conversation companies should be integrating throughout their brand strategy sessions: How can we make our company stand out during these consumers’ micro-moments? You might be surprised:

According to Google, “65% of smartphone users agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information.”

This is GREAT news for brands eager to stand out against their bigger, older, you-name-it-er competitors, because it provides companies with the opportunity to provide consumers with the answers they seek regardless of their advertising budget. The key is strategy!

Similar to social media marketing, micro-moments are an unclaimed battlefield for brands to win over mobile-conscious consumers. By anticipating target audiences’ micro-moments and finding effective ways to provide immediate results, brands have the opportunity to side-step the SEO struggle, and place themselves ahead of the competition. Sounds like an exciting opportunity to us!

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