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SpinSense: March Madness Our Way (Mobile+Marketing+Metrics)
Mar 2017 29

Well, it’s officially that time of the year again here in the States–the weather starts to warm up, the sun stays out longer, and the majority of us basketball fans spend our free time inside avidly staring at a large tv screen (or several) cheering on the athletic endeavors of our national collegiate basketball teams as they scrap, shoot, and steal their way towards the NCAA Championship. (Oh, did you think the term “March Madness” was coined solely for participating teams?!)

Despite this annual enthusiasm for basketball during the month of March, we as marketers are constantly emphasizing the importance of pairing our own “players” within a brand’s overall marketing strategy. Similar to a basketball team’s starting five players on the court, the combination of mobile, marketing, and metrics provides brands with the opportunity to develop effective strategies that stand out among their competition (big and small) to generate the results they need to succeed.

So how does one achieve said marketing strategy through the integration of mobile and metrics?

First, brands must understand the true power of mobile. Think of the platform as your team’s starting power forward: it’s a big presence down in the key, but is oftentimes overshadowed by the more established, larger center. However, over time, that power forward has continued to grow and adapt among their more well-known teammates, and now provides an essential, reliable addition to the team’s roster.

While traditional marketing has long been the focal point of many brands’ campaigns, the ongoing developments in technology and consumer habits have resulted in the need for brands to look beyond their typical strategies and focus on developing new, innovative tactics. The same can be said on the court–while your 8 ft senior center may have averaged the majority of your points in previous seasons, it’s now the pairing of that slightly-lethargic player with the younger, more fluid power forward that will help your team continue to succeed.

As the end of basketball season approaches, so too does the effectiveness of isolated, traditional marketing methods. The growth of mobile has not only challenged the status quo, it has created a whole new dimension to the marketing world that audiences are consuming at an ever-increasing rate. To stay in the game, brands must embrace mobile and consider integrating our other key player: metrics.

Metrics is your starting guard. They may not be leading the team like the point guard would, and they may not be hitting the buzzer-beaters to win the game in the closing seconds, but they know all the plays on the court: how they work, why they work, and how to make them better.

By integrating metrics into your brand’s marketing strategy, your team has the opportunity to constantly evaluate strengths, successes, and opportunities for improvement. Metrics provide the opportunity to define your target audience, to tailor your content more effectively based on your key demographic, and to highlight areas for growth. Without tailored metrics, a campaign falls flat and doesn’t provide the necessary information all brands need to reevaluate and strengthen their efforts.

To win the NCAA Championship, a basketball team must undergo several rounds of games to prove their skill, creativity, and determination. The best team doesn’t always win, but the team with the most flexible, most resolute players often does. However, this mindset isn’t just a result of the players’ personal development–it’s also a reflection of their coaching staff and their ability to remain open-minded and innovative throughout the season. So, are you ready to lead your team into the Big Dance? Is it time for your brand to take home the winner’s trophy?

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