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SpinSense: How to upgrade your online video marketing
Feb 2017 01

As we welcome in the month of February and the corresponding season of love, our marketing brains are focused less on the ensuing chocolate, red hearts, and floral accoutrements associated with this fleeting month and more on the concept of how to continually wow our clients’ consumers through constant, innovative video marketing campaigns. How do we better inspire admiration and inspiration? Innovation and determination? Creativity and consumption?

For marketers actively working in the online video space, finding updated, upgraded strategies to better define, share, and crush company goals can sometimes be a trying task. Fortunately, by following these suggestions, you too can become well on your way to upgrading your company’s video marketing to version 2.0.

First, make sure your company is measuring progress meaningfully.

As we mentioned in our previous post, How to create a data-driven brand, focus first on building a statistically-based brand by effectively implementing the data your company does have with necessary supplemental platforms that can provide additional context. Evaluate what information you are currently measuring, and how it ties into your video marketing efforts. What can be improved? What is succeeding among your target audiences? What is still a little too vague? By answering these questions and improving your overall process, it becomes easier to create a more effective campaign and in turn, a more successful company video.

Second, consider key consumer moments.

By taking the time to understand your target audience, your company will better be able to predict their primary micro-moments, and therefore more effectively predict their key milestones. Take for example Budweiser, who recently took their video marketing to the next level by strategically building a new online campaign off of the Cubs’ World Series win. By considering key consumer moments and integrating that knowledge into their overall strategy, the company was able to blend their brand perspective with their creative goals and media strategies, which resulted in their YouTube ad garnering more than 3M views (and 71% of total views to-date being organic–roughly 2.5x their organic view rate for their YouTube channel in 2016!).

Finally, create multi-purpose content.

Ever considered integrating video-neutral content? By designing multi-faceted, multi-dimensional video messaging and content that can be applied to a diverse range of outlets, your company has the opportunity to generate the best “bang for your buck” while also emphasizing a clear, concise brand message to a broader range of target audiences. Evaluate how your next campaign can be construed not only on TV or YouTube, but also on mobile and social media.

By integrating these three tips, your company can update its current video marketing strategy, improve your overall content, and generate more effective results. Now that’s an upgrade we can all love wholeheartedly!

Looking to boost your current campaign or design a new, more modern online video? Let’s talk.

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