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SpinSense: How to build big brands through micro-moments
Apr 2017 12

While there are millions upon millions of micro-moments happening every day, many brands often struggle to harness these opportunities to connect with their key consumer base. Concurrently, the ongoing growth of mobile amplifies the need for brands to constantly re-evaluate how, when, and to what extent they are successfully integrating themselves into our ever-evolving tech-based world of today. For brands big and small, harnessing the power of consumer micro-moments isn’t restricted to budget, capacity, or resources–it’s a chance for every David to step into the ring and compete with the Goliaths of the marketing sector.

So how can one successfully build a big brand through micro-moments?

First, consider your target consumer. Have your team place themselves in the shoes of the customers your brand aims to attract, and emphasize what types of questions they may have, and how they would go about discovering the answers. For example, does your brand want to focus on growing your male consumer base? Do you need to expand your brand awareness among a younger demographic? Does your company provide location-based services that should be geared to local community members? Analyze the most commonly-asked questions consumers are asking within your industry, and consider how your brand can provide brand-aligned solutions to the potential problems of these segmented consumers in order to most effectively anticipate how they would search for services, products, or companies similar to yours.

By identifying your target consumers’ critical micro-moments, your brand creates the opportunity to focus your efforts on being present for those searches while determining the best strategies for continued outreach, awareness, and conversion.

Once your brand has determined these key micro-moments and how best to provide solutions for them, your next step must prioritize optimization. Consumer attention spans are perpetually decreasing–have you built your website with this in mind? Make sure your content not only loads instantaneously, but that it is also compatible with mobile and tablet users. If your brand has successfully predicted an essential micro-moment among your targeted demographic that has motivated the potential transition of a new customer, don’t let your slow, clunky website deter them from continuing to learn more. Provide simple, easily-accessible options that allow viewers to click on your links, check out your brand story, and determine your possible integration into their lives. Don’t lose them because your site was built 30 years ago!

Successful brands do not continue to win over consumers just because of their low-cost products or flashy marketing campaigns–rather, they are able to effectively predict their target customers’ key micro-moments and concurrent questions in order to provide the most immediate, most helpful solutions. By providing relevant, frictionless, location-based information to their targeted consumer base, brands of all sizes have the opportunity to compete in today’s congested market–and succeed.

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