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SpinSense: How to build a stronger brand in 2017
Feb 2017 08

With the continuous growth of mobile, AI, and virtual reality, 2017 is shaping up to be a year not only of intensified brand competition, but also new levels of creation and integration. However, despite the seemingly complex consumer world companies are constantly competing in, the development of these industries also brings increased opportunities for success if leveraged effectively. So how is your company building a stronger brand this year? Hopefully by considering these four essential PERCs:

(P)roving your company’s purpose.
As we mentioned, brand competition is higher than ever while consumer attention is consistently shortening. Before diving into the complexities of creating an effective campaign for your brand, first analyze the overall purpose of your company: How does it benefit consumers? Why do your products/services matter? How does your company improve the lives of customers, consumers, and potential audiences? By evaluating these questions, your brand has the opportunity to assess strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for development. Take Mattel’s recent rebrand, for example–a great representation of the benefits of effectively analyzing a company’s overall purpose in order to reinvigorate a dying brand and renew consumer bases.

(E)nsuring moments.
While most of us are aware of the importance of understanding consumer micro-moments for brands, it’s always helpful to revisit how exactly your company is anticipating, evaluating, and participating in these opportunities. In order for these moments to be beneficial for brands, companies must win over consumers before they arrive at the store, the dealership, the checkout page–they must preemptively inspire audiences to actively become customers. Is your company effectively winning your target audience’s “footsteps”? Are you sure you know what these moments are? Has the most effective outreach method changed at all?

(R)einventing storytelling.
According to Google, while average online consumer viewership is only 6 seconds, the average total mobile viewership length is nearly 40 minutes. What does this mean for brands? That while consumers may have short attention spans, they are actively engaged in searching for content that applies to their specific interests, and are willing to stay online for an extended period of time to educate themselves and determine next steps. By creating messaging and content that target audiences benefit from, companies have the opportunity to provide resources through consumer-based storytelling that will generate improved brand awareness and, as a result, direct entry into a more advanced phase of the buyer’s journey.

(C)reating a data-driven brand.
Between mobile, social media, digital, and traditional marketing resources, companies now have numerous opportunities to quantitatively decipher where their brands are succeeding, and how they can be improved. To ensure your company is developing an effective, data-driven brand, consider what metrics you currently measure, and what may be missing from your evaluations. Don’t hesitate to update your current metrics with supplemental resources as needed, or to reevaluate specific metrics that may no longer be viable.

While building a stronger brand this year will need to consist of diverse, intentional strategies that employ a wide-range of resources, companies looking to succeed in the competitive online world of consumers will have to fearlessly take these steps and access the PERCs of their current brand strategies.

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