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SpinSense: Digital video marketing isn’t just for Millennials
Apr 2017 19

We’ve all grown accustomed to hearing that mobile usage is continuing to expand, consumer habits are in a constant state of flux, and Millennials are the defining demographic that is upending traditional marketing strategies. However, amidst all of this focus on creating digital content geared more towards the younger, “tech-savvy” consumers of today, many brands are missing an essential digital user: Gen X.

Born between the 1960s and 1970s, Generation X members were at the epicenter for technological transitions, and have spent the majority of their lives adapting. From the creation of the Internet to the first mass produced desktop computer to the first cordless phone, Gen Xers were old enough to learn these new technologies and experience their mainstream integration long before Millennials discovered the benefits of Instagram or Gen Zers grew up playing on tablets.

Gen Xers are the ultimate group of adaptable members to-date, but many brands have forgotten this. As a result, the majority of digital marketing often overlooks the myriad of opportunities available for connection and conversion among this key consumer group.

According to Pixability, more than 1.5 BILLION daily YouTube views are due to Gen Xers–no small amount for brands to consider when determining the target demographic for their next digital campaign. By understanding the extent to which Gen Xers frequently integrate digital marketing into their everyday lives, brands create the opportunity to better anticipate key micro-moments and concurrent, brand-aligned solutions.

With their digital usage primarily focused on independent self-solutions, it’s no surprise that approximately 64% of Gen Xers purchase products or services they view on a YouTube video as they learn how to solve problems for themselves. This creates a huge opportunity for companies to make an impact among one of the largest, most malleable consumer bases, should they decide to dive in. But by overlooking this key demographic, brands are also underestimating the effects of Gen X digital consumption, and the concurrent opportunities associated with their ability to determine their own purchasing priorities.

So how can brands transition their digital marketing strategies to better incorporate Generation X members?

Consider the purpose of your digital content. What is the message your brand is aiming to convey? What is the end goal? How are you strategically anchoring your content to an independent, fix-it-yourself generation? Where are there opportunities for improvement?

For brands willing to invest in answering these hard questions throughout their digital marketing strategy sessions, the rewards aren’t far behind. By anticipating key questions and providing self-sufficient solutions, brands can stand out from their competition while impacting purchasing decisions for this integral demographic. Don’t be afraid to evaluate the role of your next campaign as it pertains to the lives of Generation X, and don’t underestimate these adaptable consumers when creating your next big digital push.

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