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Nov 2013 20

At Spin Creative, we are fortunate to work with a wide variety of companies to help them create effective and creative solutions for video marketing. One of our recent clients was Genie®, a trusted brand providing lifting machinery to companies across the world. They were in need of an online commercial for their Lift Pro training product, and we were happy to partner with them on the project.

We were tasked with creating a digital commercial to promote the Genie® Lift Pro online training product. The video was to be made with Genie® dealers in mind and the objectives were twofold:

1. Raise awareness within the Genie® dealer and end-user community that Lift Pro is a new, exciting and easily accessible online safety training product.

2. Get end users to purchase a training seat from an authorized Lift Pro training center.

Crafting the Right Message 

Once the objectives for the spot were set, it was time to get down to work in crafting the message. The video was to be posted on Genie® websites, as well as multiple marketing and social media channels. Due to the nature of social media, the video needed to be attention-grabbing and eye-catching to maximize its effectiveness and the amount of people that it could potentially reach. The tone needed to be upbeat, trustworthy and confident.

We went with a personal approach for the video, featuring a Lift Pro customer via an audio-only interview telling their experience with the product. The customer speaks to the easy sign-up, online accessibility and quick training experience with Lift Pro. To support the interview narrative, we included visually-engaging footage of the key parts of the customer’s story. We show the customer in a variety of relevant settings including an authorized dealer, training online at home, hands-on training in the field and working on the job site as a qualified Lift Pro.

With a bold, twangy soundtrack and the confident tone of the customer in the video’s opening seconds, we aimed to establish a strong first impression. For the rest of the video, we had this trustworthy figure relaying the most important information about Genie® Lift Pro training with the following key messages:

  • You can become a qualified Genie® Lift Pro
  • You can stay safe and productive with aerial work platform training
  • Genie® Lift Pro training is extremely simple and convenient
  • You can get to work quickly by completing this training.


Genie® is very pleased with the results of the video and we have also delivered a Spanish version of the video to have maximum reach with the Lift Pro customer base.

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