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Spin Creative Crafts Marketing Videos About AudienceScience’s Innovative Approach to Digital Marketing
Mar 2013 07

Spin Creative has been hired by AudienceScience, a global digital marketing technology company, to produce a collection of videos about AudienceScience’s enterprise solution for digital marketing.

AudienceScience is an industry leader with its innovative and comprehensive approach to digital marketing. The company offers an integrated solution that saves money, helps market a brand more effectively and allows marketers to take back control of their brand. Additionally, AudienceScience provides a way to save brand marketers money by not paying unnecessary fees to agencies and other vendors.

For the project, Spin is crafting a short brand film providing a compelling overview about AudienceScience’s approach and solution for digital marketing, as well as creating a series of longer-form videos providing detail and depth about best-practices for effective digital marketing. The audience for the videos are savvy brand marketers looking to make an impact in digital marketing for their organizations and include media managers, advertisers and digitally-focused brand marketers.

The videos feature a handful of key leaders from AudienceScience, speaking directly to camera interview style, supported with visually-engaging b-roll footage captured over the course of two days in January 2013, at AudienceScience’s Headquarters in Bellevue Washington. Screen caps included below, show a preview of the look and feel for the videos.

The collection of videos will be rolled out as part of a new brand launch for AudienceScience and will debut in the second quarter of 2013.

About AudienceScience
The world’s largest brands work with AudienceScience to dramatically increase the efficiency of their digital media campaigns, while building more meaningful and relevant relationships with their customers. AudienceScience is an enterprise digital marketing technology company dedicated to empowering global marketing organizations through its innovative SaaS solution, the AudienceScience Gateway. The AudienceScience Gateway enables marketers to manage audience data, connect data to streamlined campaign execution, and develop actionable customer insights – all with one platform at global scale.

About Spin Creative
Spin Creative is a creative agency and film and video production company. We specialize in high-craft, high-care TV and web commercials, brand films and marketing videos. We design each project to engage viewers, increase audience reach and ultimately help power the success of your campaign, idea or business.

Our core strength is cinematic storytelling that is carefully crafted to propel your brand. We call this, “Story in Motion™.” We believe in crafting digital films that make an audience sit up and take notice. To engage with a message and remember it a week later. To be moved by well-crafted storytelling and eye-catching imagery. That’s compelling media. It creates a memorable experience for an audience that can lead to learning, behavioral change and motivation. It’s a powerful tool for reaching your most important audiences.

We approach every project in a spirit of partnership. We cultivate strong client relationships built on a foundation of trust, consistency and follow-through. From technology to creative development, we constantly push ourselves to become ever-more knowledgeable and capable.

All of this is fueled by our passion for creativity, an appreciation of story and excitement in harnessing the right technology for targeted and impactful marketing communication.

Spin Creative is based in Seattle and works with clients across the U.S. and around the world.

A small selection of screen capture images from the soon to be released AudienceScience brand film about digital marketing that Spin Creative is producing.