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Spin Creative Delivers a Collection of Digital Marketing Videos & TV Commercials for CakeStyle
Oct 2013 28

CakeStyle TV Commercial (15 Seconds)

CakeStyle TV Commercial (30 Seconds)

CakeStyle TV Commercial (60 Seconds)

CakeStyle Stylist Overview Video

CakeStyle Testimonial Video (“Anne”)

CakeStyle Testimonial Video (“Mary”)

Spin Creative’s Work with CakeStyle

Spin Creative recently worked with an innovative online shopping service called CakeStyle to help market its designer clothing. CakeStyle’s typical target audience is professional, affluent women between the ages of 32 to 55. The goal is to give these women the ability to try on their clothing on their own schedules, wherever they want, and the ability to match their new clothes with their existing clothing.

In discussions with the CakeStyle team, it was determined that a short, enthusiastic video that outlines the benefits of its services would be a great first step in convincing visitors on the site to sign up for their first shipment of designer clothing. These benefits include:

  • The ability to try on clothes in a comfortable setting where friends and family can be more honest with their opinions
  • The ability to view clothes in their natural light
  • The ability to try on clothing without salespeople hovering behind them
  • Being guided through the ordering process by a personal stylist, matching fashion preferences to personal attributes to create a more flattering wardrobe

The CakeStyle marketing plan

We ended up creating six different videos to help market the CakeStyle brand. Each video, shot in the CakeStyle offices as well as several house and condo locations in Chicago, has its own unique purpose in helping to establish and advertise the brand. They video collection includes:

  • A Stylist Overview video featuring several CakeStyle stylists going through the CakeStyle process, the benefits of CakeStyle, addressing the target audience and more. It puts personal face on the people who make the business possible.
  • Two testimonial videos featuring actual customers of CakeStyle talking about the relationships they formed with their personal stylist, why they appreciate CakeStyle and how it makes their life easier when they are so busy with work and other responsibilities.
  • Two brand Commercials one 30 second version and one 60 second version, giving a quick visual overview of what CakeStyle does for women in need of convenient fashion options.
  • A short, comedic brand TV Commercial lasting 15 seconds, called “Stylist At Your Door.” It features a door opening to reveal a stylist holding a dress and a pair of shoes in front of a full rack of clothes, a visual representation of the idea that CakeStyle gives its customers a personal stylist in the comfort of their very  own home.



Spin Creative

Prod. Co.:
Spin Creative

Creative Director + Director + Editor:
Matthew Billings

Exec. Producer/Writer:
Jim Lombardo

DP + Editor:
Scott Gwin

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