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How to Make Video Ads that Get People’s Attention
Nov 2017 02

You may have developed what you feel to be a high-quality video ad. The reality, though, is that if people do not bother paying attention to your video, it is impossible for it to be truly effective.

With the video advertising market now being more saturated than ever, you need to work hard to make sure your videos grab the attention of your target audience. People are extremely busy, and with high-speed internet available on mobile devices, they can quickly navigate or scroll away if they are not immediately grabbed by your video.

Here are a few tips to help you better earn your viewers’ attention with your videos:

  • Do your research ahead of time: Before you can create a video that is certain to draw the attention of your target audience, you must have a thorough understanding of that audience. What do they like? What patterns do you see in videos that successfully reach them? What are the demographics of your average viewer? If you already have created videos geared toward this demographic, pay attention to the analytics. How many people watched it? What did people say in the comments? How did they come to find your video? Arm yourself with answers to all of these questions and much more information so you stand a better chance at developing a successful video.


  • Speak directly to your audience: The language you use in the video should align with the audience to whom you are speaking. For example, don’t use insider terms or industry jargon if you are talking to the general public. Use a conversational tone, and don’t be afraid to ask questions and get them thinking about topics that are important to them.


  • Create an appealing first shot: There are certain camera angles that work better and are more visually appealing than others. Your first shot should be as captivating as possible, so spend some time thinking about what exactly that shot should be. If it is someone speaking, frame the shot in a natural and flattering angle. Use the “rule of thirds” to properly frame the main focus of your shot.


  • Deliver information efficiently: Your script should be easy to understand, and deliver information quickly and efficiently in bite-sized samples. A video advertisement is not the time or place to go into dissertation-level detail about your industry. Instead, focus on a single important message or piece of information your audience needs to know, and deliver it as effectively and efficiently as possible. You will gain and hold their attention so much better in doing so.


For more tips about getting the attention of your viewers with your video ad, contact our team today at Spin Creative.

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  1. Tim Lewis says:

    These are solid tips to get people’s attention. If you don’t capture them in a few seconds, they’re off to the next thing. Those first moments are extremely important.

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