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YouTube Bumper Ads Have Created a New Storytelling Medium
Aug 2017 15

YouTube recently began offering advertisers a brand new advertising format it calls “Bumper Ads,” a six-second video that appears before the main video plays.

What has been both interesting and surprising to watch is how brands have taken that format as an entirely new medium, rather than distilling their 15-second or 30-second videos into a six-second cut. We have advertisers truly flexing their creativity by creating original, six-second videos that actually manage to tell a brief brand story.

Here are a few outstanding examples of bumper ads that your brand can learn from.

“The High Diver” by Mother NY

One wouldn’t expect a six-second video to evoke such powerful emotion and critical thinking, but “The High Diver” does just that. It opens with a shot of a diver enjoying a dive into a pool in a beautiful sunny day, but then the time speeds forward to years in the future, showing the effect climate change and drought could have on the region and the earth. It’s just six seconds, but it’s powerful and simple.

“Modern Love”

In a brief commentary on the world of dating and love in today’s tech- and mobile-driven world, the creators of “Modern Love” manage to eke a lot of emotion out of just six seconds. The “I love you text,” followed by the “typing” bubble, followed by silence is the creators’ take on a point in a relationship that is familiar, always frightening and usually awkward.


This quick video is a cute and simple portrayal of childhood innocence, and a reminder that sometimes we should take a page out of our kids’ books when it comes to our outlooks on the world.


The six-second format adds some extra humor to this video, as it shows just how quickly we can make decisions we might eventually end up regretting. There are more cuts in this video than most bumper ads, but it works to provide the kind of tone and humor the creators were looking for.

Bumper ads are yet another advertising medium and tool at the disposal of video marketers. Contact us at Spin Creative today for ideas about how to use them for your company.


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