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Director, Post Production


Scott is a production and post production veteran with more than 20 years of successful video image wrangling. With the focus on well-crafted story and cinematic craft coupled with well rounded technical expertise Scott wears many hats working on all projects from the first push of the record button to the final encoded upload.

On each project Scott brings an eye for keeping visuals fresh and technical specs at the highest quality possible. Whether it’s shooting, field audio, editing or video compression, Scott will rise the challenge and deliver every time.

Previous to working with Spin Creative, Scott was the Operations Manager, Photographer/Editor and all around guy for 15 years at Eyeplay, a Seattle-based video production agency. At Eyeplay Scott managed the day-to-day post production technical and editorial staff as well as shooting, editing and final project file delivery. Prior to Eyeplay, Scott worked at several large in-house video departments in the banking and aerospace industries.

Phone: 206.686.6276