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Wave TV Commercial Campaign “Go Wave”

We are excited to share our “Go Wave” TV commercial campaign for Wave, a fast-growing internet, cable TV and phone company on the west coast. For the second year in a row Spin Creative created a large TV commercial campaign for Wave with work starting in February of 2015 and wrapping up at the end of August. Spin delivered 20 spots in total and you can view all of them below.

“You Like Options?”

“Kitchen Couple”

“Emma and the Tablet”

“House of Discontent”

“Nancy’s Simple Life”

“Things You Use Everyday”

“Reasons Why”

“Triple Play Bundle”

“Empty Couch”

“Can’t Always Be Home”

“Tivo Remote Wars”

“Where’s My Show”

“Faster Internet”

“Binge Watcher”

“Roberto Trendel: Modern Technology”

“Roberto Trendel: Service is Everything”

“Don Ryan: 8 Places at Once”

“Don Ryan: Personal Touch”

“Getting to Know Wave Business – 01”

“Getting to Know Wave Business – 02”