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Bringing Home-Design Alive with Digital Campaign for

Bringing Home-Design Alive with Digital Campaign for

Spin Creative was tapped by to create a digital ad campaign leveraging the Seattle Virtual Showhouse event, which features a house completely designed virtually. Spin created the overall strategy for the campaign and produced five videos as part of it (three in-stream video ads, one teaser video and one brand video). All of the videos are included below for viewing.

The business challenge for the campaign was a lack of awareness about as a home design product resource. After a discovery and research process which allowed Spin to get insight into the audience, Spin developed a strategy that revolved around a central campaign idea: The Seattle Virtual Showhouse is brought to life.

Spin designed a campaign architecture that included three fifteen second in-stream video ads and one long form brand video –– all designed with specific communications tasks to connect with the target audience.

Spin’s media plan calls for the video ads to be used as part of a paid programmatic digital video and display ad campaign to generate top-of-funnel leads for ATG via landing pages with compelling call-to-action offers. The leads will be nurtured into first-time customers and ultimately loyal, repeat users of ATG’s site.

In addition, the long-form brand video will be used on one of the three landing pages and on other digital channels, to provide further first-time awareness engagement with the audience.

The spots, brand and teaser videos were filmed over two days in January 2016 during the lead up to and at the Showhouse event. Spin’s Associate Creative Director Peter Edlund is the writer and director on the project along with Spin Senior Producer Lisa Cooper overseeing production. The videos were captured using Spin’s Canon C500 and C100 camera packages.

“” Brand Video

“Meet” In-Stream Video Ad

“Tips of the Trade” In-Stream Video Ad

“Design Online” In-Stream Video Ad

“Seattle Showhouse” Teaser Video

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