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Director | Associate Creative Director


Peter Edlund is a Writer/Director with a background in narrative and documentary film. He grew up in Stanwood, Washington, studied film at Seattle University and worked locally as a freelance director before joining the team at Spin.

Peter has been fascinated by image and sound since he first sat on the living room couch wearing out a VHS copy of Fantasia. Over the years his inspiration moved beyond the work of Walt Disney, to 90’s classics like Sandlot, Babe and Twister, before being lured into pursuing directing as a career by artists like Federico Fellini, Andrew Dominik and the Coen brothers. He started out making silly videos on Mini DV in high school, but this process quickly progressed from a hobby to an addiction.

Media is inescapable in the modern landscape, and people have an unprecedented ability to tune out the screens that surround them, but finding a way to surprise and engage savvy viewers is a challenge that Peter relishes. He searches for stories that engross and images that arrest to create a detailed world audiences can get lost in.

Peter’s work has been awarded by organizations such as the Seattle Center, Capitol Hill Block Party, One Reel and the Northwest Film Forum and played at the Seattle International Film Festival, Warsaw International Film Festival and the Hollyshorts Festival, among others. ​

Phone: 206.686.6225