On Location At Terex AWP | Spin Creative
On Location At Terex AWP
Feb 2012 29

The Spin Team spent yesterday on location in Redmond, Washington, working at various points around the Terex AWP campus shooting elements of a Genie® Brand Story Overview Video. This was an exceptionally satisfying day both creatively and operationally. The crew was in top form, painting with light and sound and our Terex AWP hosts and the talent that performed on-camera were superb. The images in the Flickr collection from this day of shooting tell a large portion of the story. The finished video, which we’ll post soon, will complete the picture.

Our process to create this project has taken an interesting path. First up, we shot and cut together interviews with Terex AWP Team Members to flesh out and confirm the basic Genie® Brand Story. This content cut then informed the shot list for b-roll. Yesterday’s shoot was the first of three more days of production to gather the necessary b-roll.